Management system

Design, Construction and Push of l structures, under and on various structures



The Board of Directors of OPEMA, S.L. defines as the main objective of its activities the fulfillment of the requirements specified and demanded by the client, as well as the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the “Design, Construction and Push of metal structures, under and on various structures. Design and thrust of concrete structures, under and on various structures.

Conservation, assembly and maintenance of railways”, promoting respect for the environment and continuous improvement, as well as protection of the environment, providing the necessary means not only to guarantee the safety of the members of the company, but also to continuously improve effectively the conditions in which work activities are carried out, thus raising the level of well-being and job satisfaction of all members of the Organization.

sistema gestion

For all these reasons, it assumes the responsibility of DEFINE, IMPLEMENT, DISSEMINATE, MAINTAIN AND REVIEW an Integrated Quality and Environment Management Policy that satisfies said objective. Our work must be based on these fundamental pillars:

* Ensure that the services provided meet customer expectations, promoting development, compliance with deadlines and the application of clean technologies, reaching a high level of environmental respect.

* The achievement of internal objectives, as well as the goals or milestones associated with those objectives.

* Continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System in all areas of the company.

* Taking into consideration the protection of the Environment, aimed at the prevention and continuous reduction of harmful environmental impacts.

* Satisfying the requirements of the client, as well as the current legal and regulatory ones, and others, which in the matter are voluntarily subscribed, in terms of Quality, Environment.


  1. Our Management Policy provides us with the framework to establish and review our quality and environmental goals and objectives.


  1. The Board of Directors of OPEMA, S.L. undertakes that said Integrated Management System complies with the applicable requirements of the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 Standards; 14001 and to take the necessary provisions for the continuous improvement of its effectiveness.


  1. The Board of Directors assumes these commitments and urges all employees of OPEMA, S.L. to support this Policy and carry out their work in such a way that the improvement objectives that are established in accordance with it can be achieved.